Adagio con Variazioni

Already in the original for cello and orchestra, the harp plays a fundamental role in accompaniment. Not only that, throughout the piece there are numerous dialogues between the solo instruments and the cello creating a formidable duality. The ending of the Adagio is sublime, and the elegance of the harp’s arpeggios make the entire tailpiece resonate to its climax in the final diminuendo.

The sonority of the cello is very similar to that of the harp in the medium-low texture, so care must be taken to remain recognizable and out of the mighty sound of the string instrument. In the transcription I tried to rewrite some passages that in the orchestra part were entrusted to groups of wind instruments, to make them more harpistic, and I emphasized all the interventions of the solos with the great range of colours with which the harp can resonate.